Pfade durch das Kammerflimmern – die zweite Folge


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… durch die Kamera von Stanley Kubrick.

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Fast ebenso legendär: Slavoj Žižeks Blick auf das Werk:

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Dagegen eher ein Geheimtipp – dieser Film von Mauricio Kagel. Der User ›musicalidea‹ übernimmt die Einführung:

musicalidea vor 1 Jahr
One of my favorite movies. If you think about what a fantastic satire this movie is on modernity, its forgetfulness and jingoism, its super-ficiality and – on a deeper level – what a statement it makes about the impossibility of apprehending essence of any kind, of encountering either history or the present in any authentic, essential or holistic fashion, it is a profound lil’ reel indeed!
k-runt vor 2 Jahren
Oh My God!
musicalidea vor 1 Jahr
Never mind. It is definitely my favorite film of all time. And one of the funniest at that – and I thought only tragedies had profundity. I think ol’ Ludwig, eternal lover of silly puns and knock knocks, would have preferred this over any other of the many reels pumped out in his honor.
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Irgendetwas stimmt nicht mit diesem Dirigenten, vermuten die Kommentator/innen.

Allan Zwierzko vor 4 Monaten
Reminds me of what was said of Furtwangler about this same thing: How do you know when to come in? Count to 12, look at the Basses & start when they do.
theultimategumball fan vor 1 Jahr
Alex Rouse vor 1 Monat
You know there’s something wrong when a professional conductor is worse than a school orchestra conductor 
Alex Rouse vor 1 Monat
Also is it just me or does he look a bit like yoda
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Aus der Rubrik legendäre Konzerte:

Als erstes Martha Argerich mit Rachmaninoff und ein wenig Spannungsaufbau aus den Kommentaren:

I Hate the Party vor 1 Jahr
I am not a musician, but a truck driver (son of a bus driver). I had this taped from an NPR program, and this music carried through the night as I drove through the Nebraska on my way to Colorado (no good radio out there and I didn’t have XM). Thanks God for inspiring this guy to write such a beautiful piece!! (amen).
King Candy vor 11 Monaten
That guy coughing in the back must have inhaled a brick.
Nathan Goldrich vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet)
In my opinion, the buildup to the chord at 23:25 is perhaps the greatest moment in the history of music.
BBQhonk vor 8 Monaten (bearbeitet)
I love that shit-eating grin on Chailly’s face at 2:52. He’s like »I’m conducting The Rach 3 with Martha Fucking Argerich.«
Charles Maccandless vor 2 Monaten
I fucking love this women, especially when I’m high. 
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Der folgende Videomitschnitt von Karlheinz Stockhausens Aufführung von Gesang der Jünglinge lohnt alleine wegen der Schwenks über das Publikum.

Cute Anime Drawings vor 1 Monat
What the actually F*ck is going on here????????
mirror saw vor 2 Wochen
12:06 Dude’s falling asleep lol
Marauder1981 vor 1 Jahr
woman on back row at 2:51: »holy mother fucking shitballs, what made me come here?«
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Aus der Rubrik legendäre Dirigenten:

Hattakiri 4 months ago
Wow. The audience was so overwhelmed – they needed 17 seconds until they were able to applaud… OO
dogbyte95 2 months ago
@Hattakiri hahaha the audience is so shit… the conductor is like yeah guys, it’s over. you can clap now
Skyler MacKinnon 2 months ago
I literally am writing this as I replay the first 90 seconds for the fourth time Mother of low brass
YouTube video

Shredding (II)

Live-Footage unseres Autors Arno Lücker.

kczapper vor 5 Jahren
Whoever made this video understands about nothing about Lang Lang.
Piano tuner vor 3 Jahren
This is totally faked. Look at the audience. You can see everyone is clapping. It has to be edited.
shzindenPL vor 3 Jahren
I hear some native Chineese motives. It satisfies me totally 🙂
YouTube video


Ein depressiver und apathischer Bomber entdeckt über die »Ernste Musik« die Lust am Bomben wieder. Am Ende ist er kuriert und wir deprimiert. (Mit Tonproblemen ab Minute 5.)

doncoro vor 1 Jahr
Extremely queer body language at (6:08).
Lockbar vor 4 Jahren
That nurse put some cocaine in his wienerschnitzel.
TheCentralServices vor 2 Jahren
Shwester Ursula is a woman not to be trifled with!
skywalker01974 vor 2 Jahren
why do i suddenly feel like shooting down allied fighters …?weird.
Leon Kegler vor 4 Monaten
hmm i’m german and i dont understand why the world still thinks we all are still like that…
Genosse der Bosse vor 3 Wochen
03:05 Christian Bale made good movies back then.
chladni Auf Google+ geteilt · vor 2 Monaten
a shell-shocked flyer whose doctor has prescribed »a profound experience« recovers the will to fight when he hears »Siegfried’s Rhine Journey« during a performance of Wagner’s Götterdämmerung at the Bayreuth Festival. (He has a flashback to his commander and the chief medical officer playing the same passage four-handed on the piano. The film ends with them in flight on their way to attack England.
redbaroniii vor 3 Jahren als Antwort auf SomeGuy481
I flew A4s in Veitnam. We did a lot of diving, and bombing and I was never depressed, ever. Excited at times but never scared (good Navy training).
YouTube video

Zum guten Schluss:

Ondine Claudel vor 3 Jahren
much more alive than the samuel barber original ////with all the strobo. led. laser and AMBIENCE
YouTube video


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